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How much money is required for the down payment?  [ Top ]
Our financing program requires No Down Payment; No Closing Cost and 100% Financing.

In what area do you build your homes?  [ Top ]
We build within 100 miles of our office.

Does my property have to be paid for?  [ Top ]
No. We can finance the land payoff in most cases as well as financing the well and septic system.

Will you build my plan or do I have to pick one of your models?  [ Top ]
We will build your plan or our plan. Usually we can build our model home for less because we know exactly what material amounts are required. With a customer's plan, it may be more expensive due to many factors such as lack of detailed planning with the lengths of material which is dictated by the room size and arrangement.

If I select your model home, can I make some changes such as
moving a wall or window?
  [ Top ]
Yes. You may make adjustments by moving windows or non-loadbearing walls. You may also expand the plan in certain directions or add to the size of porches.

How much does a house cost per square foot?  [ Top ]
The price varies depending upon the type of foundation, siding or brick and the stage of completion. Our homes are very competitively priced and offer options you may include. Many of our homes include the garage. Be sure that when comparing home prices you have the competitive quote on all upgrade options including, if applicable, a garage.

How long will it take to build a house?  [ Top ]
There is no accurate way to determine how long the up-front paper work will take before construction can begin. Every project is different. Construction time will depend primarily on the size of the home, type of foundation and stage of completion. However, after foundation is in place, construction would be expected to take 65 to 90 days under normal weather conditions.

What kind of foundation do you build?  [ Top ]
We build most houses on a steel-enforced concrete slab. We do have several other types of foundation for use on special terrain or circumstances which include wood piling, concrete piling and short concrete piers.

When are the utilities connected?  [ Top ]
We prepare for the utilities by having the electric service panel built and ready for the property owner to call their service provider for the connection. The water and sewer pipes are stubbed out at the house for those services, the water and sewer systems, to come to the house and connect.

Do you clean up after you have completed construction?  [ Top ]
We find that most of our customers want to save a large amount of money by cleaning up the site themselves. As a standard, we do clean out the house and put the debris in piles on the property. We will pick up and haul away the trash as an upgrade option.

When do my payments start?  [ Top ]
If your property is paid for, you will have no payment on the home for 30 days after completion of Wyatt Construction portion of the contract.


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