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Wyatt Construction provides conventional and non-conventional financing
at competitive market rates with approved credit.

We offer Construction and 100% Permanent Loans for any stage of construction from Shell, Mechanical, Occupy and Finish or Finished stages of construction on Wyatt Construction Homes.

The bottom line is we can put more people in a home because we have the most flexible financing of any home builder in the industry. Through our financing programs we try to find ways to make deals work. Visit one of our sales counselors for details on financing options.

We will build and finance to the following stages of contruction:

The house is finished on the exterior including windows and locks on the doors and is ready for you to caulk and paint the exterior. The inside has all of the walls; ceilings and floors are framed ready for the rough plumbing, electrical and mechanicals.

You finish and save $$$

Includes the Shell Stage plus the roughed in plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning. The electrical is trimmed out with light switches, plugs and temporary light fixtures. The plumbing is roughed in with copper water supply lines and PVC drain lines stubbed out ready for a later hookup by the owner to the water supply and sewer system. Fixtures such as sinks, showers, tubs and toilets may be added with an additional charge. The heating and air conditioning is 14 seer (high efficiency) sized to fit the home.

You finish and save $$$

Includes the Mechanical Stage plus installation of all plumbing fixtures. Also included is installation of sheetrock with walls and ceilings textured, interior trim, doors, pre-finished cabinets and counter tops installed. The house is ready for caulking and painting, installation of finish floor coverings, kitchen appliances and decorative light fixtures. These items can be done by the property owner with a minimum effort and allow for maximum savings. With most models the savings with this package over the Finish Package is $8,000 to $15,000.

Includes the Occupy and Finish Package plus painting and caulking inside and out. Finish flooring includes carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile or wood flooring. Decorative light fixtures and other decorator items such as mirrors, towel bars and paper holders are installed. Optional items that may be added in this or any stage are items that will be to the customer's specifications such as concrete walks, drives and kitchen appliances.

We offer 100% financing on any of these stages of construction to be built on your lot. In most cases, if you still have a balance owing on the property, we can arrange for financing for the lot payoff. We have several financing programs available and can help you determine which option will best fit your needs.

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